How to Make Paper Flowers

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Making the perfect paper flower January 3, 2008

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Paper Flower Bouquets for your wedding? :0 December 16, 2007

Planning a wedding? Or just wanna create the most gorgeous bouquet ever?

Then you’ve gotta check this out. Remember a few posts ago I was talking about how paper flowers are great for weddings? This tutorial will pretty much teach you all you need to know to create professional looking paper flowers, with unbelievable texture and volume! Below I’ve attached some images of designs you’ll be making, aren’t they neat! It’ll take me ages to give tutorials on all the designs in this great e-book , but if this is something you’re looking for, check out this site to get step-by-step instructions! Time to SpiCE up that Wedding!

wedding flowers 2 wedding flowers


Facebook group for Paper Flower Fanatics! December 14, 2007

Come join my group ‘Paper Crafts – Tissue | Origami | Crepe Paper Flower Fanatics!’

If you happen to be on facebook, come join my group by searching for “paper flower fanatics” and share your own paper flower designs that you’ve either found or invented yourself! I’d love to see them! I created the group a few days ago and quite a few people have joined already, I really wanna get more people in the group so everyone can start sharing great ideas! Okay, I’m so tired right now, but I promise I’ll post a new tutorial tomorrow!


Favorite Flower Designs – Blossoming Flower December 11, 2007

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My Favorite Paper Flower Designs!

Ok, let me see…. well the truth is that there’s a different design for every occasion, I know that it sounds like a cliche, but it’s true! Sometime, crepe (mexican) flowers are great if you need to add volume to your bouquet, or if you want to add more color to your surroundings. On the other hand, origami paper comes in so many varieties and is so easy to maneuver, which makes it great for experimentation for your own designs. Ok enough of my blabbering :-), time to post another great video!

Take a look at this, it’s a tutorial on folding a flower that’s just blossomed! Unbelievable! But once you learn how to do it, it’s not that tough actually. It never is, so let’s get started!

Blossom Paper Flower


Make Rain ball Paper Flower – Video in Chinese December 10, 2007

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Now this is a gorgeous unconventional paper flower!

It’s in Mandarin but as with all other paper flower tutorials, you don’t need to understand what she’s saying to learn how to make a rain ball flower! If you speak Mandarin, all the better! Hope you like the video: —

Hope you liked it!


Well Crafted Flowers December 9, 2007

Well Crafted Flowers

Here’s an example of some really well crafted flowers – this person really pays attention to the shape of the leaf on the flower and how it looks overall after the flower has been attached to the stem. Check it out!

Hope you liked it!


Making an Origami Paper Flower December 8, 2007

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Check out this video I found on how to make a simple origami flower: —

Isn’t that easy? Yes yes I know that it’s only the stem, please check this page out for the second half of the video!